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Annual Returns- (Compulsory)


All south African companies whether it be a CC, Private or Public company are required to submit annual returns with the CIPC. Annual returns will vary dependent on the turnover of the business as well as whether it is submitted within the 30 days of incorporation each year.

Here is some answers to questions you may have about annual returns submission

When do you submit these returns?

Within 30 Days of the companies incorporation.

What if I have never submitted annual returns?

If the annual returns are not submitted within 30 days of the companies incorporation date penalties will be charged dependent on number of years the fees are outstanding as well as the annual return fee x the number of outstanding years.

Why should I pay these returns?

The annual returns system is in place to ensure CIPC has current information of the business as well as to know whether it is still operational.

If the company is no longer active?

If a company is no longer active one should approach the CIPC in order for the company to be deregistered in stead of just forgetting about it or ignoring the company.

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How to register a company


Phase One Business Regiatration specialises in private company registrations, CC conversions as well as changes to current compamies.

Private company registrations can be done within 1 day if correct documents and information are supplied to Phase One.

Things to consider when registering a company.

1. Have you decided on a company name?
You can choose your company name and if the name is not yet taken and obides by the laws around company names CIPC will reserve the company name for you.

Tip: It is advised to supply atleast 4 company name alternatives in order for an avalible name to be selected. CIPC has full right to accept or reject a requested name for a company.

2. Have the correct documents avalible.
You will nees to provide Phase One with 3 original certified Identity document copies for each director.

3. Sign the Power of attorney.
Phase One will email you the Power of attorney that will need to be printed out and signed 3 times by each director.

The ID copies and power of attorney must be posted to Phase One in order for the company registration process to be completed.

4. Send Phase One information via email.
Personal details of the business as well as directors will be required this can be sent via email.

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Business Registration, The Business Name

When you register a company in South Africa selecting your business name it crucial to the success of your business. There are a few factors to consider during your business registrations and select your business name.

Consider the following when registering a company and deciding on the business name:

  • Grab attention of the audience
  • Don’t give too much information about the business
  • Research a name before you register the company
  • Be unique. If your business name has common words in when customers search for you there will be a large number of results increasing the competition for your business and your chance to stand out
  • Test the name. Ask your consumer’s, friends and anyone really what they think of the name to gain valuable feedback
  •  Don’t be specific. There is a limit between ensuring customers know what the business is about and being too descriptive

TIP: When your business grows if your name is too specific it will limit your product offerings.


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