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How to register a company


Phase One Business Regiatration specialises in private company registrations, CC conversions as well as changes to current compamies.

Private company registrations can be done within 1 day if correct documents and information are supplied to Phase One.

Things to consider when registering a company.

1. Have you decided on a company name?
You can choose your company name and if the name is not yet taken and obides by the laws around company names CIPC will reserve the company name for you.

Tip: It is advised to supply atleast 4 company name alternatives in order for an avalible name to be selected. CIPC has full right to accept or reject a requested name for a company.

2. Have the correct documents avalible.
You will nees to provide Phase One with 3 original certified Identity document copies for each director.

3. Sign the Power of attorney.
Phase One will email you the Power of attorney that will need to be printed out and signed 3 times by each director.

The ID copies and power of attorney must be posted to Phase One in order for the company registration process to be completed.

4. Send Phase One information via email.
Personal details of the business as well as directors will be required this can be sent via email.

Visit Phase One to register a company today.