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Start-Ups: 5 Steps to Appear Established

In today’s competitive market consumers have multiple companies which they can choose to deal with. The power lies with the consumers. If the consumer has the impression that your business is a start-up they may seek a more experienced company to fulfil their needs. Competing against established businesses can be problematic. There is however simple measures that can be taken to ensure your business gives consumers the impression your business is established.


Step 1: Domain

What is a domain? A domain is how clients will find you on the internet. A domain is for example. Registering your domain can be quiet vital to your business as you would register your company name or service you specialise in, if it is available. Clients could easily find you when they search for your business website. Once your domain is registered you will be able to have email addresses that are specific to your company, such as or Setting up multiple email addresses will give clients the impression that your business is a more than a start-up but rather has multiple departments and employees dealing with specific areas within your business.


Step 2: Company Website

Your company website may be the first point of reference for potential clients. They will seek information on the services your business offers, previous projects your business has completed, testimonials from previous clients and contact information. It is important your website is user-friendly. By user friendly we mean the website is easy to navigate, it does not take too long to load, all writing is easily legible and all relevant information is available that a client may require.

Tip: Include Operating hours, your business address, an email address, phone number, cost and time frame of services offered. Ensure your website is presentable, all links work, the overall appearance of your company website is professional and keep it simple yet provide sufficient information.


Step 3: Point of contact

Having a landline number will make your business appear established and give off  the impression of permanence. You phone etiquette is vital to the success of your business. Ensure you are able to return all calls within 24 hours as clients may need a service urgently and will take their business elsewhere if they are not tended to. Having a designated number for business ensures you always know when receiving a call to that number that it is for business allowing you to come across professional.


Step 4: Location

Renting an office is first prize however as a start-up there are other expenses that first have to be covered until your business is doing well enough to rent an office. Many start-ups operate from their home and there is nothing wrong with this there are however a few things that can make your business appear more established. Firstly, if your small business is run from your home placing a well printed sign outside will make the business appear professional. Secondly, designate a specific area of your house to your business where only things you require for your business are, this area is not a storage room but rather should have a professional atmosphere to ensure your clients are comfortable doing business in this environment. Thirdly, ensure that if a client comes to your home that they do not see your personal life. Keep the kids and pets out of the office. Lastly, ensure your home office is safe for clients and that there security is a priority, allocate parking that is in your property, perhaps install cameras to prevent hi-jacking, this is South Africa after all. But with the right measures you will ensure the safety of your clients.


Step 5: Be Prepared

Always keep a few business cards on you. Business cards are an important sign that this business was not just started and that some thought and preparation have gone into what this business is. Have some pamphlets or brochures placed in your office. Even though it may seem like something small clients like a company that is well prepared, gives a good impression and goes a long way to promote the branding for your business.


Following these simple steps will go a long way to making your start up appear established and give off a great first impression making it easier to compete in the market.


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