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Free Business Tools for Start-Ups- The Business Plan


A comprehensive business plan is essential to the sustainable success of your business. It will guide you and ensure that there will be nothing that surprises you when your business kicks off.

01. Bplans Free Templates
Bplans allows for hundreds of industry specific templates that range from in-depth analysis of your business to simple and manageable business plans. It is easy to use and you can adapt your start-up to these templates.

Visit Bplans for a free business plan template that will suit you no matter the industry of your small business.

02. Business Plan Whiz
Business plan whiz has various packages allowing you to create a comprehensive business plan and also guide you on how to compile a business plan. There are free business plan samples available or you can purchase the basic software for just under R700.00

Visit Business Plan Whiz for how-to and free sample business plans.

03. Sanlam Start-ups

Visit the Sanlam website and they allow you to download a free PDF guide on how-to write a business plan. Although you have to provide them with your contact details it seems worth it for the great value you will gain from reading through their comprehensive business plan guide.

Visit Sanlam for a free PDF guide on writing a business plan.

04. Absa Business essentials
This is an optional extra for small business account owners where Absa will give you marketing and business plan software for only R185.00 per month. With this you will get free IT and business skills courses and videos.

Visit Absa today to view this offer on their small business accounts.

Sourced: Entrepreneur Magazine, December 2011, Start-ups 101

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