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Free Business Tools for Start-Ups- The Business Plan


A comprehensive business plan is essential to the sustainable success of your business. It will guide you and ensure that there will be nothing that surprises you when your business kicks off.

01. Bplans Free Templates
Bplans allows for hundreds of industry specific templates that range from in-depth analysis of your business to simple and manageable business plans. It is easy to use and you can adapt your start-up to these templates.

Visit Bplans for a free business plan template that will suit you no matter the industry of your small business.

02. Business Plan Whiz
Business plan whiz has various packages allowing you to create a comprehensive business plan and also guide you on how to compile a business plan. There are free business plan samples available or you can purchase the basic software for just under R700.00

Visit Business Plan Whiz for how-to and free sample business plans.

03. Sanlam Start-ups

Visit the Sanlam website and they allow you to download a free PDF guide on how-to write a business plan. Although you have to provide them with your contact details it seems worth it for the great value you will gain from reading through their comprehensive business plan guide.

Visit Sanlam for a free PDF guide on writing a business plan.

04. Absa Business essentials
This is an optional extra for small business account owners where Absa will give you marketing and business plan software for only R185.00 per month. With this you will get free IT and business skills courses and videos.

Visit Absa today to view this offer on their small business accounts.

Sourced: Entrepreneur Magazine, December 2011, Start-ups 101

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Systems that Guarantee Success

Starting a business can be relatively easy, whether or not the business will succeed is another story. The reality of your businesses success in the long term is only 10% of stat ups are operational in the first three years and only 10% of those small business start ups make it to ten years.

“Always under promise and over deliver”

Is an important business principle that should always be kept in mind. With all modern technologies  in South Africa that is available to small businesses, SME’s find that 26% of their sales still come from word of mouth. People’s impression of a business is crucial to attaining potential clients. Having the correct systems in place to ensure your business is not only running effectively but efficiently as well is crucial to keeping your promises and commitments to clients.

Your business is made up of many core components that need to work together correctly to create the business as a whole. These core components are your business functions. Every company will have multiple business functions such as sales, finance, human resources, operations, marketing and depending on the size of your small business you might be doing them all.

The simplest way to ensure your businesses units are functioning as a whole is to break each core function up into its simplest form, understand the objectives and responsibilities of each function. Writing these objectives into manageable tasks will ensure they can be monitored and controlled.

All the functions in a business are linked and influence the way in which another function can operate. It is unlikely that one person will have expert knowledge in all functions. As an entrepreneur you should ensure the people you hire in certain functions have sufficient knowledge in their area of expertise and manage the daily, weekly and monthly tasks that will need to be completed. Thus giving you time to focus on your overall business and not individual tasks.

Tip: Students are great employees for all small businesses, they are eager for experience in their industry.

You may not need someone full time which fits in with their flexible hours and you will be able to afford their salary. Just ensure the student has sufficient skills for their function. This is not your chance to step back but rather play and active managerial role that an entrepreneur was born to play, plus you will free up some time.

How To start a business: To register a Private company, simple visit Phase One and all the information of costs, the process involved, what is needed to register a company and additional information will be available to you.

Any topics you feel you need clarity on or would just like to boost your knowledge let us know and Phase One will ensure your queries are answered.